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I tweeted about it and here it is, the Fauta Blog, totally dedicated to bringing you links to Okinawan artists (and music) found in the iTunes Store (United States).

Fauta: Links to Okinawa Artists Found in the iTunes Store

Here’s a list of artists from Okinawa (or with ties to Okinawa) whose music can be purchased on iTunes. You may find that some of the artists are listed twice at the store and they may be listed under a different genre so navigating the store can be quite difficult. (Please note that clicking on any of the below links will open iTunes.)

Utasaa (Folk Singers)
Isamu Asato
Sadao China
Yoriko Ganeko
Takayashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman
Minoru Kinjo
Shinobu Maki
Hirokazu Matsuda
Hajime Nakasone
Seijin Noborikawa
Yasukatsu Oshima
Sonda Seinenkai
Yamato Tokuhara “Shoki no Tokuhara Yamato
Toru Yonaha (1) (2)

Namie Amuro
Beni Arashiro
Ayako Miyara
Siori (しおり)

Shoukichi Kina
Nenes “Kunjan Sabakui”
Rinken Band (Link 1)
Rinken Band (Link 2)
Satoshi Kadekaru
Masahiko Kawajo
Shima Good Needs (島グニーズ)
Tomoko Uehara

Alternative, Bossa Nova, Dance, Mixture, Punk, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Salsa
Bleach 03
Fuzzy Control
GANGA ZUMBA — features Kazufumi Miyazawa (THE BOOM) and Claudia Oshiro
Atsuko Hiyajo
m.o.v.e’s “Speed Master (feat. 8-BALL)” (8-BALL is a J-rock group from Okinawa)
Nangoku Drops
Okinawa Jazz Kyoukai (Association)
ORANGE RANGE’s “Kirikirimai” from Fantastic Four – The Album
Rinken Teruya
Ryukyu Symphony Orchestra
Ryukyu Underground (Link 1)
Ryukyu Underground (Link 2)
Yutaka Sadoyama
Takuji a.k.a. Geetek

Okinawa Traditional
Respect Record Presents Okinawa Best Song Collection
Sanshin de Kikitai Okinawa Minyou Best 15

The Rest
Teresa Bright’s “Hawaiinawa
Fumi “Sanshin de Kikitai Hikitai J-Pop Best 15
HSB (Hirosaki University Steelpan Band) “Steelpan de Kiku Okinawa Ongaku
Kokohana’s “Warabi Gami
Kazuhisa Negishi “Sanshin de Kikitai Hikitai Okinawa no Uta Best 16
Keali’i Reichel’s “Ka Nohona Pili Kai”
Jake Shimabukuro
Talvin Singh’s “O.K.”
Masaaki Tamae “Beautiful Okinawa Melodies
ZZ Featuring KEN from DA PUMP “Walk Into the Light”

Originally posted on and remixed over at several moons ago. I’ll keep this list updated and add it to Karakui’s Pages (you’ll find the links to our Pages on the sidebar).

The current list before you was last updated on August 20, 2009.

We welcome any links you may’ve discovered on iTunes and want to contribute to the list. Please leave a comment or email us at info[at]karakui[dot]com.


12 thoughts on “Listing of Artists on iTunes

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  7. @Marjorie Trethewey: I’m not familiar with that name. Is the person a musician of Okinawan folk music? If you can provide the Japanese writing of the person’s name I can check up on it for you.

  8. Richie: Yes, he was a musician of Okinawan folk music back in the 1950’s in Honolulu, HI. His name was Zentoku Yogi, but they also called him Kama Yogi. He made some of his own records. If you can find any info on him it would be appreciated. Thanks and Aloha.

  9. I’m looking for a song……..artist is from Okinawa…..title translated in English “Fly Apart”

  10. @Willard maxwell: I’d like to help you find the artist. What’s the Japanese title? And is it a pop song or folk song? Male or female?

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