Nema Ui’s Okinawa Support Album “Ui ❤️ Okinawa” 10/20

Our favorite VTuber Nema Ui will be releasing her first Okinawa Support mini album (EP?) “Ui ❤️ Okinawa” on 10/20! The album will feature the two singles she released this year and also include four additional tracks (one of them is a cover of everyone’s favorite anthem “Dynamic Ryukyu”). A physical CD is currently being sold on Ui’s website so we’re hoping a digital version will follow.

Nema Ui’s “Ui ❤️ Okinawa”

HoRookies’s 2nd Album “Focus” Release Party on YouTube

via Twitter

HoRookies recently released their 2nd album “Focus” at the beginning of the month and held a release party for it on YouTube. They announced that it’s now available on YouTube as an archive so if you missed the livestream or just want to watch it again, here’s your chance! By the way, if you haven’t added “Focus” to your library, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Yuuri (Chunican) Teaser MV for “Umi no Kanata”

Set to be released on the 29th, Yuuri (now going by Hamagawa Yuuri) teased an MV clip of her upcoming digital single “Umi no Kanata”. The MV looks to be amazing and matches the Parsha Club song (one of our favorites) like the both were meant to be. We’re really looking forward to watching the entire video and adding Yuuri’s song to my summer playlist. For now, we’re listening to the original version which is available on Apple Music too!

The song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and the iTunes Store. The full MV is scheduled for the 30th.

Kina & Ginko Worldchamploo 3 Online Concert Stream

Kina Shoukichi along with Ginko and special guest Yakitori Band will have their concert available for online streaming from today (July 24 Okinawa time) until July 31. Tickets are ¥1,500 and can be purchased on

The 3rd worldwide live streaming concert which is going to be held online by Shokichi Kina, a musician representing Uchina Pop, is confirmed! It will be held as an Audience-Free live concert due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration! This time, we will be welcoming “Yakitori Band” who is co-starring in the LEQUIOS FES series as a special guest and the show will be streamed as a paid live streaming on ZAIKO! May flowers bloom in the hearts of all! Stay tuned!

Fukuda Yasuyuki’s 1st Single “Sennen Hanabi” Rerelease


Singer-songwriter Fukuda Yasuyuki will be rereleasing his 1st single “Sennen Hanabi” on August 10. The song is a beautiful ballad featuring his sanshin and acoustic guitar playing and the rerelease will have 4 tracks (the initial 2020 release featured the song only).

Fukuda Yasuyuki’s “Sennen Hanabi”

BEGIN & #YouTubeMusicWeekend

via BEGIN’s YouTube Channel

BEGIN is participating in YouTube’s #YouTubeMusicWeekend and will be streaming their 25th anniversary concert “Sugar Cane Cable NETWORK TOUR 2015-2016 Ryōgoku Kokugikan” on July 17th 13:30 (Okinawa time). The band has been releasing a lot of YouTube content with special video clips for Uta no Hi and looks like they wasted no time in continuing this new tradition. It’s a free concert so be sure to set your reminder!

Link: BEGIN’s YouTube Music Weekend Concert