Miura Daichi’s “Sansan” the Theme Song for “Chimudondon” ❤️

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I hope everyone enjoyed the first week of “Chimudondon” as much as we have. While we wait for new episodes, we can now listen to the theme song in repeat as Miura Daichi’s “Sansan” has finally been released! The song is amazing and matches the show perfectly. An MV hasn’t been released for it yet but prior to the single’s release Daichi did a YouTube short of the song in a cappella. So good.

Here’s the drama opening with “Sansan” on NHK’s YouTube channel.

NHK’s Morning Drama “Chimudondon” Starts Airing on 4/11

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The countdown has begun since we’re days away from the 4/11 start of the much anticipated NHK morning drama “Chimudondon” that’s set in Okinawa (Yanbaru) and in Japan. After a long wait, we also know the musician that’s singing the drama’s theme song: Okinawa’s Miura Daichi and his song “Sansan” will be released on 4/11 (no links to streaming services at this time).

Let’s look at the shimanchu actors for the drama.

  • Higa Nobuko (the heroine of the drama): Kuroshima Yuina (Itoman)
  • Higa Yuuko (Nobuko’s mother): Nakama Yukie (Urasoe)
  • Arakaki no Obaa: Kyan Hitomi (Naha)
  • Amuro no Obaa: Ameku Michiko (Ginowan)
  • Masutaa (hamburger restaurant master): Kawata Hiroki (Naha) of Garage Sale
  • Kaneshiro Junji (a fellow shimanchu at a Yokohama izakaya): “Shiisaa” Fujiki Hayato (Okinawa) — he’s also in charge of shimakutuba for the drama
  • Narrator: Jon Kabira (Naha)

“Chimudondon” is the 106th in the Renzoku Terebi Shousetsu (morning drama) series from NHK and follows “Jun to Ai” (87th, aired 2012-2013, set in Miyakojima and Osaka), and “Churasan” (64th, aired 2001, set in Okinawa [the first to be set in Okinawa] and Tokyo). We’re interested to see the Tsurumi (Yokohama) location of the drama which is known for having an area called Little Okinawa and has many Okinawan, Brazilian, and Korean stores. It’s also where many shimanchu reside.

Kita no Akainku Shares 4 “Shinshun Minyou Kouhaku Uta Gassen”

One area where the language and culture of Ryukyu is being kept alive is in its performing arts through music and dance. One of the annual events to showcase the arts is the “Shinshun Minyou Kouhaku Uta Gassen” broadcasted by RBC (Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation). To celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary, Kita no Akainku is sharing 4 airings starting with the 20th show from 1982, the 30th show from 1992, the 40th show from 2002, and the 50th show from 2016. The shows will only be up till 2/28 21:00 (Okinawa time) so please don’t miss them! Also, be sure to read the show notes as there is important information regarding the program.

Higa Manami in Nexflix’s “Japan Sinks: People of Hope”

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You can catch actress Higa Manami on the Netflix (in collaboration with TBS) drama “Japan Sinks: People of Hope” currently streaming with new episodes every week (started on 10/10). Manami plays the role of Amami Kaori who starts the series separated from her husband Amami Keishi (played by Oguri Shun who happens to be the husband of Uchinanchu and popular model/actress Yamada Yu). When searching Netflix for the show, be sure not to confuse it with the anime of the similar name (both are based off of the novel “Japan Sinks“).

NHK’s 2022 Morning Drama “Chimudondon” Starts Filming

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We’re really excited to see how Luchu and its people are portrayed in this upcoming drama from NHK called “Chimudondon” based on the life of Higa Nobuko. The heroine (pictured above) of the drama is played by Kuroshima Yuina and is set to air in the Spring 2022 TV season. And in case you’re wondering about the theme song, it hasn’t been announced yet so we still have hope that it’ll be an artist from Luchu.

“Ghosts Can’t Dance” Web Drama (YouTube)

Scene from “Ghosts Can’t Dance”

Although the 6-episode web drama “Ghosts Can’t Dance (Yūrei wa Odorenai)” was uploaded to YouTube back in March, I finally finished watching it recently and it’s so good (lots of feels)! Anyone with an interest in Ryukyu culture (both pop and traditional) shouldn’t miss this. The web drama is produced by the Kariyushi Geinou Kouen (Traditional Okinawan Performing Arts) and features the original theme song “Don’t forget” by upcoming singer-songwriter Kina Kanon.

YouTube link to the first episode of “Ghosts Can’t Dance”.