Live Camera Views in Okinawa

Missing Okinawa and looking for something to waste your time watch on YouTube? Search no further as we’re sharing three live camera views from Okinawa.

  • The first live camera is a view of Kokusai-dori in Naha from the Ryukyu Shimpo building. Link.
  • The second live camera is a view of the underwater observatory “real aquarium” of the Busena Marine Park in Nago from the RBC Channel. Link.
  • The final live camera is a view of Naha Airport (includes sound) from the RBC News channel. Link.

Know of any other live cameras in Okinawa? Share your link in the comments!

Shimoji Isamu’s 19th Anniversary Concert

Singer-songwriter Shimoji Isamu will be streaming his 19th anniversary concert (sadly, with no audience) on August 10 via TwitCasting. Tickets can be purchased on the website’s concert page and fortunately it’ll be on archive until 8/17.

HY’s “AM11:00” Becomes a Movie

“AM11:00” Short Film

To be streamed on July 31st (Uchinaa time) is a short film inspired by HY’s hit song “AM11:00” with the band members joining the stream. The film is directed by musician Yamashita Ayumu and stars actor Izumisawa Yuuki and actress Miyagi Karin (who you may recognize from “Eisaa Don Don” and her collaborations with Nanaironote’s YouTube videos). The other song (with the sanshin) that’s featured in the movie’s trailer is HY’s “Street Story“. Unfortunately, the July 31st stream isn’t available for overseas audiences but we’re hoping the archive will be.

Kina & Ginko Worldchamploo 3 Online Concert Stream

Kina Shoukichi along with Ginko and special guest Yakitori Band will have their concert available for online streaming from today (July 24 Okinawa time) until July 31. Tickets are ¥1,500 and can be purchased on

The 3rd worldwide live streaming concert which is going to be held online by Shokichi Kina, a musician representing Uchina Pop, is confirmed! It will be held as an Audience-Free live concert due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration! This time, we will be welcoming “Yakitori Band” who is co-starring in the LEQUIOS FES series as a special guest and the show will be streamed as a paid live streaming on ZAIKO! May flowers bloom in the hearts of all! Stay tuned!

Okinawan Films Streaming on Filmdoo

Tweeted by actor/model Shogen, a 2019 film he stars in called “Okinawan Blue (Kokoro, Odoru)” — written and directed by Kishimoto Tsukasa (remember his name as he’s one to watch) — is available for streaming on Filmdoo.

Also streaming on Filmdoo is 2012’s “Karakara” a Canadian film written and directed by Claude Gagnon and one that I was able to watch at the Hawaii Film Festival. While not as Okinawan (lead actors are not Uchinanchu) as “Okinawan Blue”, at least the music is by one of my favorite musicians, Ara Yukito (Parsha Club).

You can also find other films (some of them are free!) from Okinawa that are (or aren’t yet) available on Filmdoo by creating a filter search on their website. Be sure to vote on the films you want to watch that aren’t yet available in your region!

HIFF Eat.Drink.Film 2021 Showcase Series

Shogen 尚玄

No, we’re not getting a film from Okinawa but we do have an actor from Okinawa who is starring in director Yoshida Kota’s Sexual Drive. Fashion model and actor Shogen stars in the film and many may recognize him as Raye Penber from the 2015 Death Note TV series. He has an impressive filmography and is currently in the Philippines to finish filming Gensan Punch.

A Japanese triptych about sex, aphrodisiac foods and secret desires.

via IFFR 2021
“Sexual Drive” trailer

Sexual Drive will be available for streaming from June 10-20. It’s not my kind of film but I’ll likely watch it for Shogen.

I-Dushi Announces First & Final Live Concert of 2021!

via Zaiko’s website

You’re probably already familiar with the pop duo I-Dushi as we have several posts about them this year. On the 19th through their official Twitter account, they announced their first and final live acoustic concert of the year. No, they’re not breaking up but rather singer/sanshinist Cana will soon be going on maternity leave.

So it’s great news all-around even though this will be their first and final concert of 2021. Even greater news? The concert is being streamed online with archive options! Tickets (there are two archive tickets and a one-time ticket available) can be purchased from the Zaiko website (please check to see if your region is supported). The concert date is set for Wednesday, May 26th (Japan time) from 19:30 and it is noted that there is a possibility of it been canceled given the circumstances. This is a great way to support them and to see them in concert for those overseas. Since the pandemic, I’ve attended a few of my favorite artists’ streaming concerts and have never been disappointed. Pro-tip: If you’re able to, I would recommend going with one of the archive tickets so you can watch the concert at your leisure (said from a person that has watched concerts that started at midnight).

Check out I-dushi’s website for the latest news.