BEGIN’s Uta no Hi Concert 2021

We’re sad that BEGIN’s song festival “Uta no Hi” was postponed due to the pandemic restrictions so instead they’ve gone to YouTube and social media (LINE, Facebook, and Twitter) . For 9 days (started on June 19th) they will have a special stream available from 9PM and will also release videos from their catalog. Each day will feature a song(s) or a special video: For example, “Shimanchu nu Takara” was day one’s special and the band released 8 video clips on YouTube. Looks like they’ve disabled sharing the videos outside of YouTube 😤 so here’s the link to their channel: BEGIN ch.

Check out their website for the “Uta no Hi Concert 2021 Postponement Special” schedule.

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A new social network (started by Shari Tamashiro) is up on the web and I’m hoping many of Karakui’s readers will join in. The community’s focus will be on Okinawan studies all things Okinawan and is a great way to post blog entries, upload photos and videos, start forum threads, learn about new events, and to just hang out and chat with other members. Be sure to check it out!

Okinawan Studies All Things Okinawan (

(Nifee deebitan to Shari Tamashiro for the invite.)