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There aren’t many websites about Okinawa that’s available in English and this one is well-made. It’s the “Ryukyu Culture designated as Japan Heritage” website and it’s loaded with information.

Okinawa Prefecture
– once called the Ryukyu Kingdom –
has formed its own unique culture.

Himeyuri and Hawaii Exhibit Opens

The special exhibition “Himeyuri and Hawaii” had its opening on 10/1 and will run into 2/27. The exhibition is in two parts: “Himeyuri and the Battle of Okinawa” and “Himeyuri and Hawaii” and is available online in English and in Japanese. Having visited the Peace Museum in the past and learning about the horrific events, we feel the importance of bringing this story to as many people as possible. Here’s an excerpt from the website:

Out of the 240 Himeyuri students and teachers who had been mobilized, 136 lost their lives. Many of these casualties occurred after the Deactivation Order was given. […] The Battle of Okinawa was unprecedented for a land battle in that more than 200,000 perished including one-quarter of the native Okinawan population.

Latest Rough Guide Album Includes Uchinānchu Artists

Album Art for The Rough Guide

Recently released Rough Guide series includes songs from Uchinānchu artists as well as performers of Uchinā music. There was also a Rough Guide for the music of Okinawa released in 2006 but it’s only available in CD format at this time.

A wonderfully diverse collection exploring some of Japan’s lesser-known contemporary styles by artists rooted in tradition. From the female divas of the southern Ryukyu islands to the minyo revivalists Boomdigi, Aragehonzi and Tsukudanaka Sanpachi, this is an album full of intrigue and surprises.

Currently available on all music streaming services “The Rough Guide to the Best Japanese Music You’ve Never Heard“.

10,000 Eisaa Dancers Online in Virtual Okinawa

Due to the pandemic, most of this year’s eisaa festivities (there were still smaller, downsized local ones here and there) have been canceled. To make up for it, there was a limited time YouTube VOD of the fantastic film “Eisaa Don Don” (extended to 9/30!), a rebroadcast of the Campus Records x Matsuda Kazutoshi’s 2020 eisaa festival, and now we have Virtual Okinawa’s 10,000 eisaa dancers emceed by our favorite VTuber Nema Ui! While it was live-streamed on 9/4 (Uchinaa time), it’s available as an archive for now. Oh, and it’s around 5 and a half hours long!

New HUOA Merch for the Okinawan Festival

It’ll be a virtual festival again this year but we can still show our support by purchasing from the Hawaii United Okinawa Association’s official store On Friday, September 3rd at 8 AM Hawaii time, they’ll be selling all new festival merchandise and t-shirts so be sure to set your alarm so you don’t miss out!. They may have already given us a sneak peek at what may be coming with the announcement of the 2021 festival design contest winner.

Live Camera Views in Okinawa

Missing Okinawa and looking for something to waste your time watch on YouTube? Search no further as we’re sharing three live camera views from Okinawa.

  • The first live camera is a view of Kokusai-dori in Naha from the Ryukyu Shimpo building. Link.
  • The second live camera is a view of the underwater observatory “real aquarium” of the Busena Marine Park in Nago from the RBC Channel. Link.
  • The final live camera is a view of Naha Airport (includes sound) from the RBC News channel. Link.

Know of any other live cameras in Okinawa? Share your link in the comments!