Okinawa Electric Girl Saya’s New Album “doomsday ~ The End ~”

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If this amazing new album from Okinawa Electric Girl Saya is any indication of the quality of music we’ll see in 2022, buckle up as we’re in for a great year. She first came under our radar about a year ago — how can we not ignore her artist name?! Fast forward to 2022 and the release of Saya’s new album “doomsday ~ The End ~” (released on 1/26) which clocks in at 1 hour 11 minutes with a total of 17 songs. “Dancing in the distance” reminds us of early Cocco but the style is definitely Saya. The way she mixes shimauta with her original blend of different genres in “Doomsday” creates something very unique as in the song “ACCHAMEE!” (she recruited RYUKYUDISKO for rhythm in case you were wondering). She describes this new musical direction as an “Avant-garde musician, Okinawa Electric Girl Saya! A new generation of Okinawan pop music”. Yes! We love this new generation!

Okinawa Electric Girl Saya’s “ACCHAMEE!” MV

I’m an 19 year old [born in 2000 so she’s now 21 — karakui] musical artist from Okinawa, living in Tokyo. I sing pop and play noise, but perform a world of music including rock, dance, techno, house, hiphop, classical, modern, ethnic, and ambient. My music is inspired by sounds from all over the world. Let me share it with you.

Fukuda Yasuyuki’s 1st Single “Sennen Hanabi” Rerelease


Singer-songwriter Fukuda Yasuyuki will be rereleasing his 1st single “Sennen Hanabi” on August 10. The song is a beautiful ballad featuring his sanshin and acoustic guitar playing and the rerelease will have 4 tracks (the initial 2020 release featured the song only).

Fukuda Yasuyuki’s “Sennen Hanabi”

BEGIN & #YouTubeMusicWeekend

via BEGIN’s YouTube Channel

BEGIN is participating in YouTube’s #YouTubeMusicWeekend and will be streaming their 25th anniversary concert “Sugar Cane Cable NETWORK TOUR 2015-2016 Ryōgoku Kokugikan” on July 17th 13:30 (Okinawa time). The band has been releasing a lot of YouTube content with special video clips for Uta no Hi and looks like they wasted no time in continuing this new tradition. It’s a free concert so be sure to set your reminder!

Link: BEGIN’s YouTube Music Weekend Concert

Turn All Weapons into Instruments

Kina Shoukichi does enka

A recent web article on Hub Okinawa features a story on Kina Shoukichi and the peculiar release of his enka song “Fujisan Japan” — his first single in 39 years! The article discusses his new single as well as the single that started it all, “Haisai Ojisan” written when he was 13 years old. The article makes an interesting take on the single selling 300,000 copies in Okinawa which it compared to selling 30M in Japan and delves into the tragic background of the song and the uncle who inspired it. The article is a great read and comes in two parts. Perfect reading for Irei no Hi.

BEGIN’s Uta no Hi Concert 2021

We’re sad that BEGIN’s song festival “Uta no Hi” was postponed due to the pandemic restrictions so instead they’ve gone to YouTube and social media (LINE, Facebook, and Twitter) . For 9 days (started on June 19th) they will have a special stream available from 9PM and will also release videos from their catalog. Each day will feature a song(s) or a special video: For example, “Shimanchu nu Takara” was day one’s special and the band released 8 video clips on YouTube. Looks like they’ve disabled sharing the videos outside of YouTube 😤 so here’s the link to their channel: BEGIN ch.

Check out their website for the “Uta no Hi Concert 2021 Postponement Special” schedule.

Nenes Announce Upcoming Album “Gajumaru” for June Release

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Nenes has a new album that’s planned to be released on June 23rd! The album titled “Gajumaru” will be a self-cover album and we’re still awaiting details for the track list. Given that they have an enormous catalog of songs to choose from (1990 was the first generation Nenes — they’re currently on the 6th generation!), it would have been interesting if they let the fans choose a few of the songs. Maybe they’ll do one of those the next time. 😊

The group mainly use the Twitcasting platform for their streamed shows but they also have a YouTube channel with short clips. Sadly, currently none of their new material is available on Apple Music 🇺🇸 so we’ll have to look to importing the CD.

Rinken Band & Tink Tink on YouTube

Funayare Orchestra Version with English Subtitles

Listening to Rinken Band’s music is both nostalgic and emotional for me so the orchestra version of their song Funayare in the YouTube clip above pulls at my heartstrings. Uehara Tomoko’s voice is one-of-a-kind and the music Teruya Rinken composes is truly original.

Like many musicians during the pandemic, concert tours have been canceled and those with establishments (minyo clubs, restaurants) have been closed so many have turned to YouTube and social media to reach their many fans across the globe. Dubbed the Rinken Band & Tink Tink official YouTube channel, it actually features more Tink Tink than Rinken Band which is great for daily content but the few that feature Rinken or Tomoko are amazing. You can find Rinken introducing his many instruments which is super interesting for performers and non-performers alike and Tomoko’s solo live (one hour!) concert will blow you away.

Sayaka from Tink Tink

Let’s hope that things can get back to normal soon and fans will be able to see them perform at Kalahaai again.

i-Dushi’s YouTube Channel Almost at 40K Subscribers!

As of 2021 May 5th

As announced on the group’s Twitter, i-Dushi is closing in on 40,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel! At the time of their tweet, they were 500 away and today they’re less than 200 away! As mentioned in one of our earlier posts, they have been uploading amazing new content frequently so now is a great time to subscribe. Also, be sure to check out their awesome new album Hope that was released in February 2021.

Myron of Internet-Okinawa and O-pop trio Wizus


Myron of Internet-Okinawa was fortunate to meet O-pop trio Wizus in Okinawa. I wrote about the trio more than a year ago and at the time they had rearranged their name from wiz-us to the hiragana ういずあす which they’re still using today. To learn more about the trio, be sure to check out their YouTube channel (the clip down below is their single from April 2009, “Ashita e”), website, and blog (with lots of candid pictures of the trio).

And be sure to check out Myron’s awesome photos from Okinawa on Flickr.