66th All-Island Eisa Festival Canceled

It was scheduled to take place on August 28 to 29 so many of us were happy to see the festival back on-track but on July 21 the organizers have decided to cancel it due to the pandemic. It’s sad to see it canceled again but it’s for everyone’s safety as the organizers felt that it would be difficult to take preventative measures. https://www.zentoeisa.com/news/21-151500.html

In the meantime, the film “Eisa Don Don” is still available for VOD on YouTube until August 31.

Myron shares video of this year’s Naha Matsuri Parade

Myron over at internet-okinawa.com (Flickr link) posted four videos he took of this year’s Naha Matsuri Parade. (You’ll find the 1st of the videos down below.)

Visit akanamr’s YouTube channel for more great videos.