Buying sanshin in the U.S. has become that much easier

What an exciting time we’re living in if you’re a fan of the sanshin. In the past, those of us outside of Okinawa who play the sanshin would have to either go there or be fortunate enough to know someone who lives or travels there for us to buy the instrument or its accessories (e.g. strings, uma, karakui, etc.). Although there have been ways to order the instrument online (like eBay, Asoviva Sanshin), I’m very happy to announce that sanshin and sanshin accessories can now be ordered in Hawaii. In addition to being able to purchase a variety of new sanshin or its accessories, you can also have the skin from your sanshin’s chiiga (drum) replaced with a new one of your choice: real snakeskin, double-layer (a combination of a layer of real snakeskin over a layer of synthetic covering), or synthetic covering.

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Izumi Mashiki, Bus Musume (Okinawa Bus)


I’m wondering if this is the first figurine that’s not geared towards tourists visiting Okinawa (i.e. not sold in touristy stores). The figurine’s name—yes, she has one—is Izumi Mashiki, and she’s a bus guide for Okinawa Bus. And like every idol should have, Izumi’s hobbies are surfing, scuba diving and rescue diving. Pretty cool if you ask me. OK, now back to playing with my *ahem* Star Wars figurines. 😛

Image via TOMYTEC.

(Via Shibuya246.)