Miyagi Karin’s “Chimuganasa” (Short Shorts Film Festival)

Scene from Miyagi Karin’s “Chimuganasa”

Model/singer/entrepreneur/actress and now film director Miyagi Karin’sChimuganasa” is available for online screening with English subtitles until June 30th as part of the Short Shorts Film Festival. The film which was written and directed by Karin, brings together three generations of actresses with the veterans Yoshida Taeko, Kyan Hitomi (currently on NHK’s “Chimudondon”), and Karin. The film also stars Tsuha Ryuto (“Miracle City Koza”) and features music by her Nanaironote mates Homare and Nakamine Yoshimori (sanshin). Watching the film (putting aside the use of the term hougen) with the scenes featuring shimakutuba are so powerful and emotional. The words have weight to them. But see and decide for yourself as you won’t want to miss this free screening!

Trailer for “Chimuganasa”

“Pineapple Tours” Film Receives a Digital Remaster

“Pineapple Tours” Film Poster
“Pineapple Tours” Film Trailer

Originally released in 1992, the legendary Okinawan film “Pineapple Tours” was given a digital remaster as well as a theatrical run this month for its 30th anniversary! The film features an almost entire shimanchu cast and crew which was and still is quite amazing for its day. It was the film that sparked a wave of new films filmed in Okinawa that became just a legendary like “Nabbie’s Love“. Let’s hope it’ll see a digital release with English subtitles.

14th Okinawa International Movie Festival 4/16 to 4/17

14th Okinawa International Movie Festival Poster

The 2022 Okinawa International Movie Festival (OIMF) is set for 4/16 to 4/17! Like last year, they’ll also be streaming a select number of films online but you’ll need to create a FANY ID (see their website for more details). The top film for this year’s festival is the documentary “Murasaki” (about the legendary rock band) which will be its world premiere and hot on the heels of the hit movie “Miracle City Koza”.

14th Okinawa International Movie Festival Trailer

For the free online films, one we’d recommend watching is “Minami no Shima no Furimun” which was directed by Gori (Garage Sale) and happened to be in the lineup for the 1st OIMF!

Kuroshima Yuina Stars in the Film “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi”

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We have yet to see actress Kuroshima Yuina in the most anticipated TV drama series of 2022, “Chimudondon“, but that doesn’t mean she’s not doing other work and in the film “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi” we see her showing a mature side and her amazing acting talent. See the film’s trailer below for a preview:

Kuroshima Yuina in “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi”

“Miracle City Koza” World Premiere at the Hawaii International Film Festival


This is amazing. Ahead of its Okinawa premiere on 1/21 and even its Japan premiere on 2/4, the Hawaii International Film Festival “HIFF” holds the prize of presenting the world premiere of “Miracle City Koza” on 11/7! What’s even better is that in addition to a one-day in-person screening, the film will also be available online to audiences in the USA from 11/10 to 11/28 with English subtitles. Tickets can be purchased from hiff.org on 10/15 (HIFF Ohana members) and from 10/18 for the general public.

Read our previous post introducing the film and view the trailer below.

“Miracle City Koza” Trailer

The last film from Okinawa to screen at HIFF was “Okinawan Blue” (Kokoro Odoru) in 2019.

Miracle City Koza (Film)

Taira Kazuhiro’s “Miracle City Koza”

Director Taira Kazuhiro’s upcoming 2022 film “Miracle City Koza” has a poster, trailer, and an announcement that its first screening will be on January 21st at Uchinaa theaters! From there, the film will be shown in Japanese theaters from February 4th. The film looks to be a lot of fun and stars Kiritani Kenta (his Uchinaa connection is the artist behind the ultra-popular “Umi no Koe” song) and will feature the legendary Uchinaa rock bands Murasaki and Condition Green.

Film Trailer for “Miracle City Koza”

Let’s hope overseas film fans will have a chance to see this in the festival circuit.

HY’s “AM11:00” Becomes a Movie

“AM11:00” Short Film

To be streamed on July 31st (Uchinaa time) is a short film inspired by HY’s hit song “AM11:00” with the band members joining the stream. The film is directed by musician Yamashita Ayumu and stars actor Izumisawa Yuuki and actress Miyagi Karin (who you may recognize from “Eisaa Don Don” and her collaborations with Nanaironote’s YouTube videos). The other song (with the sanshin) that’s featured in the movie’s trailer is HY’s “Street Story“. Unfortunately, the July 31st stream isn’t available for overseas audiences but we’re hoping the archive will be.

Okinawan Films Streaming on Filmdoo

Tweeted by actor/model Shogen, a 2019 film he stars in called “Okinawan Blue (Kokoro, Odoru)” — written and directed by Kishimoto Tsukasa (remember his name as he’s one to watch) — is available for streaming on Filmdoo.

Also streaming on Filmdoo is 2012’s “Karakara” a Canadian film written and directed by Claude Gagnon and one that I was able to watch at the Hawaii Film Festival. While not as Okinawan (lead actors are not Uchinanchu) as “Okinawan Blue”, at least the music is by one of my favorite musicians, Ara Yukito (Parsha Club).

You can also find other films (some of them are free!) from Okinawa that are (or aren’t yet) available on Filmdoo by creating a filter search on their website. Be sure to vote on the films you want to watch that aren’t yet available in your region!

HIFF Eat.Drink.Film 2021 Showcase Series

Shogen 尚玄

No, we’re not getting a film from Okinawa but we do have an actor from Okinawa who is starring in director Yoshida Kota’s Sexual Drive. Fashion model and actor Shogen stars in the film and many may recognize him as Raye Penber from the 2015 Death Note TV series. He has an impressive filmography and is currently in the Philippines to finish filming Gensan Punch.

A Japanese triptych about sex, aphrodisiac foods and secret desires.

via IFFR 2021
“Sexual Drive” trailer

Sexual Drive will be available for streaming from June 10-20. It’s not my kind of film but I’ll likely watch it for Shogen.