Ryukyu Historical Drama Shō En Ou (TV)

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In the category of “I really want to watch this!” comes the RBC Ryukyu historical drama Shō En Ou (the king of the second Shō dynasty) which aired in February 2020 and is being streamed on Japan’s Paravi service and sold as a DVD (sadly, no English subtitles for both editions).

The cast is led by ParanaiSaranai’s Chinen Shingo (he’s also the first Kanai/Ryujin Mabuyer!) as King Shō En and features actors and actresses from Okinawa. I found the DVD for sale on Amazon Japan but it’s region code 2 (not playable on US players) so I may have to go the Paravi route which is at least offering 2 weeks for free.

Eisaa Don-Don (Drama)

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of the All-Island Eisaa Festival (canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic), a drama special was shown on OTV on February 13th of this year. It looks like a must-watch drama and I love the part in the above trailer when it shows one of the drama’s themes: “We will protect our (eisaa) tradition” (伝統は俺たちが守ります). So the bad news is that the drama isn’t available to be streamed nor is there a physical copy on sale (a few of the YouTube comments are pleading for a DVD). OTV and Zentou Eisaa, please release the drama on YouTube!

Zentou Eisaa website and their YouTube channel.

Babies, breakups, and new love?


Ayano Kinjo (33), the keyboardist of the duo Kiroro, is an expectant mother once again. Her agency announced that she is in her fourth month of pregnancy, with the baby due in early April.

This will be Kinjo’s third child, tying her with Kiroro vocalist Chiharu Tamashiro (33). Kinjo’s first two children were born in 2005 and 2009, while Tamashiro gave birth to her children in 2006, 2007, and 2009. (Full article at Tokyograph.)


Namie Amuro (33) and comedian Atsushi Tamura (36) have broken up, it is being reported. A source close to the couple says that they ended their relationship just last month, choosing to separate due to their busy schedules and lack of time together. (Full article at Tokyograph.)

New love?

Just a couple weeks ago, it was learned that Aya Ueto (25) and V6’s Go Morita (31) broke up after an 8-year relationship. At the time, it was said that neither side had found a new lover, but news reports today claim that Ueto is now dating EXILE leader HIRO (41). (Full article at Tokyograph.)

2nd annual Okinawa International Movie Festival red carpet

This is from a few months back but it’s still awesome nonetheless. Garage Sale make an appearance but perhaps the largest excitement was when special guest Namie Amuro walked the red carpet. The Okinawa International Movie Festival is an annual event that takes place at the ending of March.

Lots of great videos like this are available on The Okinawa Times’s YouTube channel.

DA PUMP’s ISSA and model Lena Fujii too busy to be together

Things are over between DA PUMP member ISSA (31) and model Lena Fujii (25), it was learned on Friday. The couple reportedly broke up at the end of March.

ISSA and Fujii’s relationship was discovered in June of last year, and both of them publicly confirmed they were dating. However, they are said to have grown apart, due to their busy work schedules.

ISSA has been busy with DA PUMP, especially since KEN’s departure in December left ISSA as the only remaining original member. Meanwhile, Fujii has been appearing on variety shows and producing her own fashion brand, in addition to her modeling.

(Via Tokyograph.)

Orange Range’s Hiroki marries – Tokyograph

ORANGE RANGE vocalist HIROKI (26) has been married since last month, it was learned on Saturday. The band announced the news on their official website.

HIROKI registered his marriage in February. His wife is not in show business, and he chose not to reveal any personal details such as her age or the length of their relationship.

Of the band’s five current members, HIROKI is the third one to reveal that he is married. Bassist YOH (26) tied the knot in 2007, and vocalist RYO (24) got married in 2008.

(Via Tokyograph.)

SPEED’s Takako Uehara finds new love – Tokyograph

Takako Uehara (27), a member of the female pop group SPEED, is reportedly in a new relationship. This week’s issue of Josei Seven contains pictures of Uehara with AKIHIRO (27), a dancer and a designer for a hip-hop fashion brand.

AKIHIRO was seen late last month spending the night at Uehara’s home. He was also spotted taking Uehara’s dog for a walk. It appears that their relationship started last year, when AKIHIRO performed as a backup dancer on SPEED’s tour.

Uehara’s previously reported relationships include DA PUMP’s ISSA (31), KAT-TUN’s Jin Akanishi (25), and actor Koji Yamamoto (33).

(Via Tokyograph.)

Shido Nakamura, Meisa Kuroki dating? – Tokyograph

Sports Hochi reports that kabuki actor Shido Nakamura (37) and actress Meisa Kuroki (21) recently started dating. The unexpected couple met when they worked together in the play “Akai Shiro, Kuroi Suna” this past April.

Sources say that Nakamura began approaching Kuroki shortly after it was decided that they would be acting together. However, they reportedly started dating barely a month ago. […]

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“Gokusen” movie earns half a billion in opening weekend – Tokyograph

The highly anticipated ‘Gokusen: The Movie’ opened on 409 screens in Japan this past weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, more than 402,000 fans saw the film in theaters, earning ‘Gokusen’ close to 490 million yen.

According to a statement by distributor Toho on Monday, the movie is projected to gross more than 4 billion yen by the end of its run.

In comparison, the ‘ROOKIES’ movie opened several weeks ago on 428 screens, and it earned over 1.2 billion yen in its first two days.

BTW, anyone saw Yukie Nakama’s performance on “MR. BRAIN“? It. Was. Friggin’. Awesome.

(Link: “Gokusen” movie earns half a billion in opening weekend – Tokyograph)