It’s bon dance season!

Donna’s website has a schedule up for the 2011 bon dance season. I’m planning on attending a few with her Bon Dance Posse so maybe I’ll some of you there.

There’s also an informative video about Obon and eisa up on so be sure to check it out. Here’s the link: What is Obon?

Cocco’s latest single “NIRAI-KANAI”

J-pop artist Cocco (one of our favorites) recently released her meaningful single “NIRAI-KANAI” on June 9th featuring Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko and artist Curly Giraffe — both are also in the PV.

In the PV, Cocco’s holding a jiifaa made by her good friend Kenjiro Matayoshi, a 7th generation maker of Ryukyu kanzeeku.

According to her website, the single is Cocco’s first in over two years and is coupled with the song “Yagi no Sanpo.”

Cocco’s “Nirai Kanai” is available for purchase at CDJapan (affiliate link).

(Nifee deebitan to Mark for the info!)

Website: “Let’s Bon Dance!”

Screen shot 2010-06-10 at 11.14.41 PM.png

For all of you bon dance lovers out there, Donna has created a new website for you to keep up-to-date on where the action is at as well as posts that show you what bon dancing is all about through wonderful photos and videos.

It’ll be great to see others in different parts of the world (so far only the Hawaiian Islands are represented) join in on her website so be sure to contact Donna with your information and let’s make this the place to go to on the Web for bon dance info!

Syakari celebrates 10th anniversary with a best of album

Pop group Syakari will be marking their 10th anniversary with their very first best of album titled “10th anniversary BEST~Boku to Iu Na no Chizu~.” The 15-track album will be released on 10/22/08 and retail for ¥2,800.

Included is their single (above YouTube clip) “Taiyou no Hito” and the best of album spans their album releases from 1999’s “Kotoba no Kawari ni” to 2007’s “Uta Yabira”—they’ve released six albums to date.


Trivia: Syakari’s lead vocalist, Chiaki (from Chatan), got her start singing chorus for DIAMANTES, drummer/guitarist/sanshin/percussionist Kannari (Kazunari Uechi) started out with Rinken Band, and guitarist Masaru is often featured on albums from other artists. The name Syakari is a rearranged version of the area of Chatan that Chiaki is from, Jagaru, known for their eisaa.

(Via Campus Record Staff Blog.)