“Utarana, Udurana” 7th Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival Theme Song

World Uchinānchu Day YouTube Live Stream

The theme song for the 7th Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival has been chosen and it’s “Utarana, Udurana” an uptempo pop song by Green Note Coaster, a band from Okinawa. Now that the song has been chosen, it would be awesome to hear the other submissions too. Good luck to Green Note Coaster and we’ll definitely be adding the song to our playlists!

h/t JTB USA Honolulu on Twitter

Anime “Deeji Meets Girl” Calls for Creators

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The anime “Deeji Meets Girl” that takes place in Okinawa is calling for creators to submit a music video or illustration to match the vibe of the theme song by Kubo AoiMiracle“. The creator challenge runs until November 1st. The winning entires will be broadcast in Japan.

November 1st is Luchu History & Culture Day

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November 1st is designated as Luchu History and Culture Day (琉球歴史文化の日) and a special website has been created that has information on workshops and special contests. For the contest portion, the logo mark design has already been decided but there are three other contests that run until the end of the month (9/30 Uchinaa time):

  • Photo & Catchcopy Contest is open to children enrolled in elementary, junior high, high school, and special schools in Uchinaa.
  • Kajadifu Video Contest is open to all Uchinānchu and they’re looking for video performances of “Kajadifu” (YouTubers Ryukatsutyu has a perfect example of this) showcasing the scenery from your part of the world. A special note to add that you will be using their recording of “Kajadifu” that can be downloaded on the contest’s webpage. Even if you don’t participate in the contest, be sure to download the song as it’s an amazing recording by Higa Yasuharu-shinshii (Ryūkyū Koten Ongaku Nomura-ryū Hozonkai).
  • Ryūka Contest looks like it’s open to all Uchinānchu (although it’s not clearly stated) and the rules are simple since it has to be a san-pachi-roku Ryūka and use Shimakutuba.

The bad news? Most of the website (except for the Kajadifu contest page) is only available in Japanese (at this time). So here’s the English translation of the website using Google Translate. Chibariyo to everyone entering the contest and leave a comment if you’re participating.

Contest to Compose the Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival Theme Song

You have until August 13 (Okinawa time) to submit your theme song for the Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival next year. Visit their website’s page for the contest guidelines but one that stood out is that the theme song must have lyrics in Japanese so sadly no instrumentals. Here are the theme song contest details:

In order to welcome Uchinānchu from around the world who will be participating in the festival, we are looking for a theme song that will enliven the festival pre-events and events promoting exchange with the citizens of Okinawa Prefecture.
Please submit a theme song that will fit perfectly with the Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival.
・The length of the song should be no longer than five minutes, the lyrics should be in Japanese, and should not exceed three verses.
・The theme song should be one that makes listeners imagine the Worldwide Uchinānchu Festival and the charm of Okinawa.


The prize for the winning theme song is a certificate and 300,000 yen (currently around US $2,700).

7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Logo & Slogan Contest

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Showcase your creativity and earn fame and money by submitting a logo and/or a slogan for next year’s 7th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival! The application deadline is Friday, July 9, 2021, and the winner(s) will be announced in late August (subject to change). As the slogan can be emailed and multiple entries are being accepted, I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

Learn more about it and download the applications on the WUF2022 webpage. (h/t to @JTBUSA_Honolulu)

On Our Way to 2000

Whoa. Back in the beginning of February we announced that we were just one shy of 1000 hits and it’s just about a month later and we’re getting close to 2000. We’re already “testing” out a promotion that hasn’t received much feedback (I guess you’re about to win yourself another CD Ray) yet so let’s add another “test”: if by chance you see that the “Blog Stats” is at “2000 hits” (you’ll find it on the bottom, right hand side of the page) when you’re visiting Karakui, take a screenshot of it and email or leave a comment to the link to the screenshot image (upload it to say, Flickr or something similar) to karakuipress[at]gmail[dot]com. The prize for all that trouble? I’m not really sure yet. It may be a CD album or… 😉

Karakui Giveaway #1

Not sure how this’ll turn out but it’s all in the name of Okinawan pop culture yeah? We’re happy to announce that we have an album from J-Pop band The Boom to give away. If you’ve been into J-Pop in say, the last 10 years or so, then The Boom may’ve been your initiation into Okinawan pop music (O-Pop) with their mega-hit song “Shima Uta” — released back in 1992. Sorry to say that we’re not giving away the album (1992’s “Shishunki” and the self-titled album released in the same year) that has that song in it (but you should all have a version of it by now, right?) but their 1993 album “FACELESS MAN” which includes a shimauta-inspired song called “IT FEELS GOOD” (Track 1) and its remixed version, “IT FEELS GOOD (Moashibi) ∼ TOSHIN DOI” (Track 15). The CD album was given to me (so yeah, it’s used too) by a friend (thanks Nolan!) but because I already own it, I decided to give away my copy of it and keep his rather than have it sit and collect dust.

How to win the album? Simply leave a comment on this post with the name of your favorite artist (actor, musician) from Okinawa and we’ll pick one of you as our lucky winner.