Ryūkyū Fue Kenkyūjo 2021 Online Concert on 10/24

“Sou” Free Online Concert on 10/24

Due to the pandemic, the Ryūkyū Fue Kenkyūjo will be holding their concert online on YouTube for free this year. Also called Ryūteki, the Ryūkyū fue (flute) is a beautiful instrument and although it’s an accompaniment instrument in classical music, it will be interesting to see how it’s performed for this concert. The concert will also feature musicians from Nomura-ryu Koten Ongaku Nomura-ryu Ongaku Kyokai.

Upcoming Concerts at Koza Music Town

via Otoichiba

With all of the concerts that were canceled, postponed, or live-streamed due to the pandemic, we have to remain hopeful that we’ll one day be able to attend in-person events. If the upcoming awesome concerts at Music Town Otoichiba are any indication, the future looks bright.

October 10th is the Anniversary Concert Bashoufu celebrating 60 years of music composer Fukuhara Tsuneo (pictured). It’s an amazing lineup featuring Four Sisters, Maekawa Shuken, Iha Chieko, Deigo Musume, Yohen Aiko, and Yonaha Toru among others.

October 30th is the Arise Harvest Festival concert that was postponed from 9/19. It’ll feature THE SAKISHIMA meeting (Ara Yukito & Shimoji Isamu) and Matsuda Shinobu among others.

November 13th is the one that sounds the most interesting: SUKIYAKI OKINAWA 2021 “Ainu x Luchu Music on the Borderline”. This concert features musicians MAREWREW, Tetsushi Hiroyama (RYUKYU DISKO), Aoi (Nakamura Natsuki x Shimoji Ayaka), and Okinawa Electric Girl Saya.

Utabus Shares YouTube Concert

Utabus Performs at Ryukyu-mura

Utabus first came to our attention on Sanshin no Hi with a solid performance. Utabus is a group put together by Naha Bus featuring their talented bus guides. For those of you attending next year’s Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival, while on tour you may find yourself in the presence of one of these amazing bus guides. Make sure to let them know you watched their Ryukyu Mura concert. 🥰

Ryukyu Renbo Digest (YouTube)

“Ryukyu Renbo”

The video digest is from “Ryukyu Classical Performing Arts Meet the 25 String Koto”, a concert that took place last December featuring top artists from Luchu classical music and dance. It’s interesting hearing the classic songs arranged for the 25 string koto as well as Nakai Tomoya’s original songs and we’re grateful for the English subtitles and translations in the video description section. This is a must watch video if only for the explanation each artist gives for their instrument.

Shimoji Isamu’s 19th Anniversary Concert

Singer-songwriter Shimoji Isamu will be streaming his 19th anniversary concert (sadly, with no audience) on August 10 via TwitCasting. Tickets can be purchased on the website’s concert page and fortunately it’ll be on archive until 8/17.

Kina & Ginko Worldchamploo 3 Online Concert Stream

Kina Shoukichi along with Ginko and special guest Yakitori Band will have their concert available for online streaming from today (July 24 Okinawa time) until July 31. Tickets are ¥1,500 and can be purchased on Zaiko.io.

The 3rd worldwide live streaming concert which is going to be held online by Shokichi Kina, a musician representing Uchina Pop, is confirmed! It will be held as an Audience-Free live concert due to the COVID-19 State of Emergency Declaration! This time, we will be welcoming “Yakitori Band” who is co-starring in the LEQUIOS FES series as a special guest and the show will be streamed as a paid live streaming on ZAIKO! May flowers bloom in the hearts of all! Stay tuned!


BEGIN & #YouTubeMusicWeekend

via BEGIN’s YouTube Channel

BEGIN is participating in YouTube’s #YouTubeMusicWeekend and will be streaming their 25th anniversary concert “Sugar Cane Cable NETWORK TOUR 2015-2016 Ryōgoku Kokugikan” on July 17th 13:30 (Okinawa time). The band has been releasing a lot of YouTube content with special video clips for Uta no Hi and looks like they wasted no time in continuing this new tradition. It’s a free concert so be sure to set your reminder!

Link: BEGIN’s YouTube Music Weekend Concert

Anly Announces Midsummer Digital Single & Loop Pedal Set Tour

Anly announced a new midsummer digital single “Cancel Machi no Koi” to be released on August 4th and that she will be touring in November for her Loop Pedal Set. Anly’s previous single, “Star Wink”, was released in January and she had to cancel her Okinawa concert in June due to the pandemic. The good news is she’ll finish her Loop Pedal Set tour in Okinawa on December 10th!

Anly’s “Shape of You” Loop Pedal Version

What at lazz Announces Online Concert & New MV for “Cider!!”

via Twitter

The band tweeted that an announcement was forthcoming and I figured it was an upcoming new single but was pleasantly surprised that a free online live was included. It’s set to take place on Saturday, July 10th, on the Isotopes Movie YouTube channel. The live concert will be to celebrate the opening of Toyopla Studio and an MV for their first digital single “Cider!!”.

What at lazz’s Twitter announcement