Meisa Kuroki “SHOCK” Desktop


Of the actresses from Okinawa, Manami Higa is my favorite, well current fave, and coming at a close second is Meisa Kuroki. Nago-born Meisa is currently juggling two careers—actress and singer—and doing quite well I might add. Her current drama, “Ninkyo Helper,” in which she plays a yakuza subordinate boss is airing on Fuji TV. Meisa’s latest single is “SHOCK -Unmei-” and follows her debut album “Hellcat” released in April 2009.

The desktop commemorates the release of the “SHOCK -Unmei-” single. Grab it here.

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Model Lena Fujii dating DA PUMP’s ISSA – Tokyograph

Fashion model Lena Fujii (24) has confirmed rumors of her dating DA PUMP member ISSA (30). Last week’s issue of Josei Seven had published photos of the two sharing a kiss together late at night.

On Wednesday, Fujii held a press conference presenting a red wedding dress that she produced. Reporters at the event took the opportunity to ask her about the magazine article, and she admitted that the rumor is true.

ISSA’s past romances include actress Kou Shibasaki (27) and talento Yu Abiru (22). His agency declined to comment on his relationship with Fujii, saying that it is a private matter.

(Link: Model Lena Fujii dating DA PUMP’s ISSA – Tokyograph.)

I haven’t been keeping up with DA PUMP so it’s nice to hear about them (well, one of them) even if it’s not related to a new single or album. Issa and Lena. Sounds good.

Oh, and as for DA PUMP, they’ll be releasing a new single titled “SUMMER RIDER” — their first for the year — on July 15, 2009. And, if you didn’t know, they now have a total of 9 members in the group — only two are original members (ISSA and KEN).

Minami Kizuki’s 3rd single set for 7/22 release

Amami Oshima singer Minami Kizuki’s 3rd single release has been set for a July 22, 2009, release. Titled “Shiroi Tsuki,” the single will have a total of three tracks — all originals with no instrumental (karaoke) tracks. Minami, who debuted this year with the single “Aitsumugi,” follows a tradition of shimauta-trained female singers from Amami Oshima who ventured into J-pop like Rikki Nakano, Chitose Hajime, Mina Ganaha and Anna Sato.


MAX to release new single on July 22

MAX, reunited with the return of MINA in October of last year, will be releasing a new single called “Rough Cut Diamond” on July 22nd. The single, the group’s 30th, will be their first in three years and will have a tie-up with the TV Tokyo drama “Kariyushi Sensei Chibaru! (かりゆし先生 ちばる!).” The afternoon drama will begin airing on June 29th with Shinobu Miyara (formerly of DA PUMP) set to star in it.


Yui Aragaki’s new single to be released on May 27, 2009

Yui Aragaki’s (Gakky) second single release for 2009 has been announced for a May 27 release. The single, her 4th overall, is titled “Utsushi E” is composed by Kenji Kubo of the rock band Merengue and will be used as the insert song for the NTV drama “Aishiteru~Kaiyou~.” The single will have a total of five tracks with the second, “Ienai ‘Suki’,” containing lyrics by Gakky.

Gakky will be on the small screen beginning April 17 for the TBS drama “Smile.”


Aya Ueto returns to music with “Reborn” theme – Tokyograph


Actress Aya Ueto is set to release her first single in two years. The song, titled ‘Smile for…,’ is originally part of a concept album for the Smile Project 2009, a music collection intended to bring smiles to faces across Japan. However, it has also been selected as the new ending theme for the ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ anime series.

The single is set for a CD release on June 3 and a chaku-uta release on April 1. Because the song will begin airplay on ‘Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’ starting April 4, priority was given for the chaku-uta release.

Like Ueto, ‘Smile for…’ is a positive and upbeat song that gives off a feeling of ‘spring.’ It was written and composed by singer Kohmi Hirose, who is involved in the Smile Project 2009.