Anly’s Upcoming Single “Alive” for au Okinawa Cellular 5G

Singer-songwriter Anly who happens to be sponsored by both Fender and Yamaha, has been on a streak with new single releases. Her next single is called “Alive” and has a tie-up with Okinawa Cellular’s 5G service. Anly tweeted that the sanshin that can be heard on the song is performed by none other than Nakasone Hajime who has been performing as R∞2 (Roots). We’ll share more on the song as soon as it’s released.

Anly’s “Alive” for au Okinawa Cellular CM

By the way, the actress starring in the CM is Matsuda Ruka from Okinawa.

Actress Touma Ami Becomes the 14th Calpis Water CM Character

via Twitter

What a year for Okinawa! We have the drama “Chimudondon”, we’re seeing a lot of new single and album releases, and we now have news that actress Touma Ami has been chosen as the new Calpis Water CM character! Ami is the 14th in a line that includes many famous actresses. If the song sounds familiar, it’s a cover of The Boom’s “Kaze ni Naritai”. We’re big fans of Calpis so this makes us happy. 🤗

Touma Ami’s Calpis Water CM

Wallpaper: Aya Ueto for Lotte


Aya Ueto does it again. She remains—for the last few years—the actress with the most official wallpapers for the many times a company has made her their image girl. This time, she’s the image girl for Lotte’s ice vanilla snack. You’ll have to answer a question (really, they shouldn’t have gone through the trouble) to win the wallpaper. Try your luck here and be sure to check out the CM on the site too.

(Via 壁紙fan!)