Miyagi Karin’s “Chimuganasa” (Short Shorts Film Festival)

Scene from Miyagi Karin’s “Chimuganasa”

Model/singer/entrepreneur/actress and now film director Miyagi Karin’sChimuganasa” is available for online screening with English subtitles until June 30th as part of the Short Shorts Film Festival. The film which was written and directed by Karin, brings together three generations of actresses with the veterans Yoshida Taeko, Kyan Hitomi (currently on NHK’s “Chimudondon”), and Karin. The film also stars Tsuha Ryuto (“Miracle City Koza”) and features music by her Nanaironote mates Homare and Nakamine Yoshimori (sanshin). Watching the film (putting aside the use of the term hougen) with the scenes featuring shimakutuba are so powerful and emotional. The words have weight to them. But see and decide for yourself as you won’t want to miss this free screening!

Trailer for “Chimuganasa”

Anly’s Upcoming Single “Alive” for au Okinawa Cellular 5G

Singer-songwriter Anly who happens to be sponsored by both Fender and Yamaha, has been on a streak with new single releases. Her next single is called “Alive” and has a tie-up with Okinawa Cellular’s 5G service. Anly tweeted that the sanshin that can be heard on the song is performed by none other than Nakasone Hajime who has been performing as R∞2 (Roots). We’ll share more on the song as soon as it’s released.

Anly’s “Alive” for au Okinawa Cellular CM

By the way, the actress starring in the CM is Matsuda Ruka from Okinawa.

Actress Touma Ami Becomes the 14th Calpis Water CM Character

via Twitter

What a year for Okinawa! We have the drama “Chimudondon”, we’re seeing a lot of new single and album releases, and we now have news that actress Touma Ami has been chosen as the new Calpis Water CM character! Ami is the 14th in a line that includes many famous actresses. If the song sounds familiar, it’s a cover of The Boom’s “Kaze ni Naritai”. We’re big fans of Calpis so this makes us happy. 🤗

Touma Ami’s Calpis Water CM

NHK’s Morning Drama “Chimudondon” Starts Airing on 4/11

via NHK

The countdown has begun since we’re days away from the 4/11 start of the much anticipated NHK morning drama “Chimudondon” that’s set in Okinawa (Yanbaru) and in Japan. After a long wait, we also know the musician that’s singing the drama’s theme song: Okinawa’s Miura Daichi and his song “Sansan” will be released on 4/11 (no links to streaming services at this time).

Let’s look at the shimanchu actors for the drama.

  • Higa Nobuko (the heroine of the drama): Kuroshima Yuina (Itoman)
  • Higa Yuuko (Nobuko’s mother): Nakama Yukie (Urasoe)
  • Arakaki no Obaa: Kyan Hitomi (Naha)
  • Amuro no Obaa: Ameku Michiko (Ginowan)
  • Masutaa (hamburger restaurant master): Kawata Hiroki (Naha) of Garage Sale
  • Kaneshiro Junji (a fellow shimanchu at a Yokohama izakaya): “Shiisaa” Fujiki Hayato (Okinawa) — he’s also in charge of shimakutuba for the drama
  • Narrator: Jon Kabira (Naha)

“Chimudondon” is the 106th in the Renzoku Terebi Shousetsu (morning drama) series from NHK and follows “Jun to Ai” (87th, aired 2012-2013, set in Miyakojima and Osaka), and “Churasan” (64th, aired 2001, set in Okinawa [the first to be set in Okinawa] and Tokyo). We’re interested to see the Tsurumi (Yokohama) location of the drama which is known for having an area called Little Okinawa and has many Okinawan, Brazilian, and Korean stores. It’s also where many shimanchu reside.

Actress Tamashiro Tina’s “What’s in my bag?”

ELLE Japan on YouTube

Following the “What’s in my bag” series featuring Nikaido Fumi, we now have a video for model/actress Tamashiro Tina. It’s interesting (from our geek perspective) that her most recent acting gigs are anime-related. She voiced Ruka in Hosoda Mamoru’s “Belle” (2021), she plays the role of Yukari on the TV drama “Way of the Househusband” (2022), and she plays the role of Himawari on the film version of “xxxHolic” (2022).

Actress Nikaido Fumi’s “What’s in my bag?”

ELLE Japan on YouTube

Nikaido Fumi may be the hottest actress from Okinawa (and that’s saying a lot given the amount of talented actresses) but despite the fame she’s still down-to-earth (we’re going to say that’s because she’s from Okinawa 😊). In the “What’s in my bag” video shared by ELLE Japan, Fumi shows us what she’s all about by sharing the stories behind the items she keeps in her bag.

Netflix’s “The Future Diary” (Mirai Nikki)

Nakasone Maai, via Netflix

If you’re into reality shows from Japan like “Terrace House”, you’ll want to check out Netflix’s new show “The Future Diary” (it’s called Mirai Nikki in Japanese but is not based on the manga/anime of the same title). Just as TH starred Shimabukuro Seina a model from Okinawa, TFD stars Nakasone Maai (19) a college student in Okinawa. The show is currently on the 5th episode on the 1st season.

Kuroshima Yuina Stars in the Film “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi”

Via Twitter

We have yet to see actress Kuroshima Yuina in the most anticipated TV drama series of 2022, “Chimudondon“, but that doesn’t mean she’s not doing other work and in the film “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi” we see her showing a mature side and her amazing acting talent. See the film’s trailer below for a preview:

Kuroshima Yuina in “Akegata no Wakamono-tachi”

Actress Toma Ami Makes Her TBS Drama Debut

Recruit CM

Actress Toma Ami (15) will be making her TBS drama debut on the show “Tsuma, Shougakusei ni Naru.” that’s set to start on 1/21. After having been scouted on Okinawa in October 2020 and making her CM debut as an actress for Recruit’s commercial (shown above) in July 2021, Ami has landed her first drama playing the role of Izumo Rion (a middle schooler who is a novelist). Every actress from Okinawa has hit it big so we wish the same for Ami!