Chinen Rina in Mary Poppins Musical

via Horipro

Chinen Rina to play the role of Winifred Banks in the musical “Mary Poppins” that will be performed at the Umeda Arts Theater in Osaka in May and June 2022. This month (October) also happens to mark Rina’s 25th year in the entertainment industry! To celebrate the milestone Sony Records has released all 81 of Rina’s Sony-era songs worldwide.

Nikaido Fumi Participates in the Voice Project

Nikaido Fumi

A social media event called the VOICE PROJECT is aiming to get people involved in voting using popular celebrities of varying ages and backgrounds in a YouTube video (watch below). One of the celebrities featured is actress Nikaido Fumi and she starts off the video which you can see above includes English subtitles. Although this is for the Japanese audience, it can also apply to voting around the world and is similar to the USA’s “Rock the Vote“. The hashtag #わたしも投票します (#ImVotingToo) is being used for the Voice Project.

Voice Project on YouTube

Higa Manami in Nexflix’s “Japan Sinks: People of Hope”

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You can catch actress Higa Manami on the Netflix (in collaboration with TBS) drama “Japan Sinks: People of Hope” currently streaming with new episodes every week (started on 10/10). Manami plays the role of Amami Kaori who starts the series separated from her husband Amami Keishi (played by Oguri Shun who happens to be the husband of Uchinanchu and popular model/actress Yamada Yu). When searching Netflix for the show, be sure not to confuse it with the anime of the similar name (both are based off of the novel “Japan Sinks“).

Chunican & Blue Seal’s Big Dip Day

Blue Seal’s CM Featuring Chunican

Blue Seal is currently running their Big Dip Day promotion (started on January 1st) and the CM features Chuning Candy! You can watch the other Chunican x Blue Seal videos on the ice cream company’s official YouTube channel.

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Kachimba1551’s New Single “Bueno!”

via Bueno Chicken

Okinawan salsa band KACHIMBA1551 released their first single CD “Bueno!” on 10/19! The song is a collaboration with the restaurant Bueno Chicken in Urasoe and is a KACHIMBA5 rearrangement of their song “Bueno!” which was originally released in 2014.

Check out their fun CM down below.

KACHIMBA1551 on YouTube

The band has a couple of albums you can stream on Apple Music.

“The Gosamaru Chronicle” from the Nakagusuku Village Office

Really cool website from the Nakagusuku Village Office (shared on Twitter by the Nakagusuku Village Tourist Association) called “The Gosamaru Chronicle” that’s available in several languages (in English too). We love the manga look of the website and that there’s so much information about Gosamaru (a lot of love and care went into this) — the “Gosamaru-Amawari Disturbance” has the makings of a summer blockbuster movie. There are also 20 videos (around 3 minutes 30 seconds for each) with English subtitles, so settle down with some chinsukou and sanpincha and let’s learn Gosamaru’s story together!

It is said that the first castle with full-scale stone masonry in Japan was Komakiyama Castle, built by Oda Nobunaga in 1563.
This reveals that Ryukyu had developed stone fortification techniques more than 120 years earlier than Japan, and thus proves Gosamaru as a genius of fortification who promoted these advanced techniques.