Haisai and mensore to Karakui! A website covering all things Luchu pop culture.

While writing about Okinawan pop culture over at the now defunct Okinawa.ws and Okinawa.com (when Donna was at the helm), we started the Okinawan Music Project which was a discography site (later it was fauta.net) for Okinawan-born artists that covered several genres of music: J-pop (Japanese pop music), O-pop (Okinawan/Uchinaa pop music), minyou (folk music), koten ongaku (classical music), among others. The Okinawan Music Project later evolved into OkinawanMusic.org (previously Okinawan-Music.org) while we still blogged about Okinawan pop culture over at Pop.i-O. We eventually combined the two which turned the pop site into a remixed version of the dot-org site. (By the way, May 13, 2002, is the Okinawan Music Project’s launch date and it’s been a part of Donna’s Internet-Okinawa.com (no longer active) since January 11, 2003.) The combination of the dot-org site and i-O.com (Internet-Okinawa.com) was seen as a way to bring the pop culture of Luchu to an even larger audience. We’re happy to report that I’ve received many emails of support from fans throughout the globe and keep ’em coming. 🙂

Karakui Montage

So why Karakui? We’ll begin with the word karakui which is the Uchinaaguchi word for the tuning peg(s) on the sanshin — the Luchu banjo/guitar/lute (take your pick). We think it’s an appropriate name for a site that will be covering more than the music (like our other old site OkinawanMusic.org) of Luchu and we have plans to branch out with a project called Karakui Press which will bring even more information to English-language fans of Luchu (e.g., podcasts, romanization of Luchu music, kunkunshi, interviews, etc.). We have big plans for Karakui and we’re excited with the work we’ll be doing with Karakui Press project in the future.

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About Karakui. This website is a work of love by me and I’ve been a fan of Luchu pop culture for more than a decade (and a fan of J-pop music for even longer). I have a BA in Asian Studies (Minor in Japanese Language) and attended the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts Faculty of Music (Ryukyuan Performing Arts) as an exchange student. Most of the longtime readers probably know me by my nickname ‘Riccin’ from my Uchinaa pop culture column (the UPzine) over at Okinawa.com. My connection to Luchu is through my mom (descendants of the Sai family) so throughout my life I’ve had many opportunities to experience the rich culture of the islands from my visits with my family there. Having started with Luchu koten ongaku (classical music) lessons from Katsumi Shinsato-sensei, I’ve also been a student of Luchu minyou (I was a teacher with the Nidaime Teishinkai Hawaii Shibu) and studied under Kiyoshi Kinjo, Ryosei Oshiro, Derek Ichiro Shiroma, and Grant Sandaa Murata. I was also in the Rinken Band cover band Namikaji (2nd generation) and often performed with Eric and Norman’s Ukwanshin Kabudan (uta-sanshin). My interest in Luchu pop culture spun out of my fascination with the pop culture of mainland Japan (which through my many years of music retail gave me easy access to all types of media) and the coming of such artists as Namie Amuro, The Boom, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Southern All Stars (the last three artists are from mainland Japan and some of their music have been influenced by shimauta [island songs]). My goal for this site is to share my love of Luchu’s pop culture and to make friends along the way.

Back in the day we bloggers used to do everything: Coding, graphics, and coffee (I still make my own coffee). So I’m happy to announce that we commissioned Lisa Ledbetter to create our new logo.

1 I’m always looking for people to help me with the site so if you’re interested, I can be reached via email at haisai[at]karakui[dot]com or use the Contact Us link to use the web form.

Peace, love, and nifee deebiru (thank you) for visiting us!

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. こんにちは、リッチーさん!


  2. Hello Richie!:) I’m from Poland. And today Today I’m discovered your blog. Good job!:) Today i will write an article for the polish fans of japanese band Stereopony:))

  3. Aloha! Great site and information; a wonderful resource for local (Hawaii) Okinawan happenings and in touch with things Okinawan, ……great stuff! ~ Mahalo/Nifee debiru

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