Nangoku Gyarus on Next Chao (YouTube)

via Twitter

Yoshimotozaka46 has a YouTube series called Next Chao and they recently featured the comedy/music duo Nangoku Gyarus (they’re so new that there’s no other info on them other than the video). The duo is Higa Ruruka (sanshin) and Minosako Kana (ukulele) from Kyoto and the skit has the both of them naming things that they think are most popular in Okinawa (e.g. “Who is the first person that comes to mind for an actor/actress from Okinawa?”). Be sure to watch it till the end as they do a mash-up of “Nada Sou Sou” and “Shimauta”.

Nangoku Gyarus on Next Chao

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