Okinawa’s Tokusatsu Hero: Ryujin Mabuyer


“Ryujin Mabuyer (琉神マブヤー)” is a Tokusatsu TV series made in Okinawa. The 13-episode series aired in 2008 from October 4th to December 27th. The series will be made into a movie titled, Ryuujin Mabuyaa THE MOVIE Nanatsu no Mabui (琉神マブヤー THE MOVIE 七つのマブイ),” and star Shintaro Yamada as Ryujin Mabuyer and ISSA (from DA PUMP) as Ryujin Ganasea (龍神ガナシー). It’s scheduled to be released in theaters this fall.

PR for the movie via TheOKINAWATIMES channel on YouTube:

Below is a preview of the TV series:

Episodes from the TV series can be found on YouTube (albeit without English subtitles).

The opening theme song for the TV series, titled “Ryuujin Mabuyaa ~Tamashii no Senshi~,” is sung by Alberto Shiroma (DIAMANTES). The ending theme, titled “Nanairo Mabuyaa” is sung by Chiaki (Syakari) with Misako Koja as the song’s narrator. There’s an additional song produced by Masaaki Uechi (Parsha cluB) that features Toru Yonaha on sanshin/Ryukyu fue and Alberto Shiroma on main vocals.


Official Website:

(Via @TOWER_Naha.)

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