Saataa andagii you can’t eat but may enjoy anyway

Having a group named after one of Okinawa’s most well-known sweets, Saataa Andagii is a trio led by Shintaro Yamada (actress Yu Yamada’s younger brother). Formed from the variety show “Quiz! Hexagon II,” one wonders if they’ll become as popular as Shuchishin — also a product of the show. The trio’s first single was released on 2/10/10 from Pony Canyon and is titled “Yanbaru Kuina ga Tonda.” The song’s lyrics feature Okinawan words and things from Okinawa. You’ll also hear the sound of a synthesized sanshin in the background. Yanbaru Kuina, used in the title of the song, is a bird that is endemic to Okinawa.

For more info on the trio, check out their Ameblo: Saataa Andagii Official Blog.

2 thoughts on “Saataa andagii you can’t eat but may enjoy anyway”

  1. I wanna know more about this group.
    Actually, I started liking them because of their song entitled “Yanbaru kuina Ga Tonnda”. And I say, it’s very difficult looking information on them and their song/album.>>,<<

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