HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s “good bye”

Let the comparisons between former HandMC vocalist Mākii and new vocalist Halca commence! I believe this is the second song (and first PV) to feature Halca (21) with the band and it’s a rocker. The debut single with Halca, titled “XYZ,” was released on July 7, 2009, and is currently on sale on iTunes (link opens the iTunes U.S. store). Personally, I prefer “XYZ” to “good bye” and we’ll have a chance to listen to more of the new line-up when their album “Swamp man” is released on September 2, 2009.

As was with “XYZ,” the single “good bye” will be was released as a digital single on July 29, 2009, available on iTunes. Let’s hope that we’ll see the entire album on sale as well when it hits on 9/2/09. “Swamp man” will feature both songs as well as eight other tracks.

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