Just in time for Xmas? Karakui.com updates our iTunes page

Genres icons from iTunes 8
Originally uploaded by kalphegor

Looking for a Xmas gift for that Karakui.com *ahem* fan this season? How about an iTunes gift card? We just updated the page with lots of Okinawa-related artist goodness. Of note is the various artist collection “Respect Record Presents Okinawa Best Song Collection.

(And, since we didn’t receive the touch of the iTunes God for an affiliate badge [we applied when it was first available and there wasn’t much or any Japanese selection at the time] I’ve included a link to my Amazon.com Wish List if you think we’ve been Nice this year. Cheers, Richie.)

My Amazon.com Wish List

As much as we’d appreciate a gift to us, we’re just as happy to have reached 100,000 hits giving us just about 50,000 hits a year. Thanks! Mahalo! Nifee deebitan!

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