Desktop: Beer and Beni


Or should the title have read Beni and Beer? Well, regardless, this is a match made in heaven when a pop idol like Beni Arashiro becomes the image girl for an alcoholic beverage from one of my favorite beer makers: Orion Breweries based in Nago, Okinawa. There are two different wallpapers to choose from as well as two screensavers (PC-only) that follow the theme of each wallpaper. The website is kind of cluttered but you’ll also find a CM with Beni’s single “SouthernSter” that’ll make you forget that they’re trying to sell you beer. (Via 壁紙fan!)

Interested in her music? Check out a couple of Beni’s albums and singles at the iTunes Store.


2 thoughts on “Desktop: Beer and Beni

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  2. it must be faith, haha
    i haven’t had orion in such a long time that when i was at star tonight i decided to pick it up, so hear i am having a glass and open up your blog and what do i see 🙂


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