Yui, please be my girlfriend


According to an Oricon survey, ‘Koibito ni shitai hito’ (the person you want as your boy/girlfriend), uber-popular actress Yui Aragaki (Gakky) took the top spot in the ranking which also featured fellow Uchinanchu Yukie Nakama (#4) and Aya Ueto (#6). It’s no surprise to see her rank at the top because she’s definitely cute and well-mannered, but it may have a lot to do with 2007 being her breakout year.

Never heard of Yui? Poor soul. Jump on the bandwagon and check out clips of her on YouTube and the ever-popular Pocky CMs too. If that peaks your interest, check out her debut album “Sora” which hit record stores shelves on December 5th.

(Via Tokyograph.)


2 thoughts on “Yui, please be my girlfriend

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