Remaking the Sanshin

Peg-tsuki Sanshin from Sanshinya Tururunten

We’ve seen sanshin+guitar hybrids in the past (not to mention what we’re seeing done with kankara sanshin) with Rinken Teruya’s Cheren, BEGIN’s Ichigo-Ichie (Nirai, Kanai) and now here’s a “peg” sanshin from Sanshin-ya Tururunten (above images are via their blog). Anyone tried one of these yet or seen it played by the members of Okichin? It looks pretty neat but I wonder if it’s difficult to keep in tune?

2 thoughts on “Remaking the Sanshin”

  1. Haisai Richie,
    You’ve got to try the gyoza at Kursn in Naha.It’s at the end of Kokusai Dori past Orion Hotel and turn right at the intersection,then take a right down the lane.There’s three or four different gyoza including ika sumi gyoza and one that’s made from pigs that are fed with beniimo.

  2. Haisai Howard! You must really be enjoying your life in Okinawa and I wish I was there, too. I’ll definitely put trying the gyoza at Kursn on my shortlist the next time I’m in Naha. 🙂

    Take care,

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