J-MELO in Okinawa!

On today’s episode (#119) of NHK’s English-language music show J-MELO, VJ (and popular J-pop artist) melody. announced an upcoming show with the focus being on Okinawa. Yay! There was a short clip of melody. singing a song of hers with Yukito Ara (Parsha cluB) on sanshin and Isamu Shimoji on guitar that should be pretty cool to hear in its entirety. She also has a segment in future episodes that’ll show her learning the different dances in Japan — eisaa included!

And congratulations to “George from Hawaii” who got his email read by melody. on the show.

If you’re not familiar with melody.’s music, there are a couple PVs up on YouTube. The one below is of her single “Lovin’ U”.

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