BEGIN Starts Up Their Own Record Label: PIG PINK

Music group BEGIN has founded its own music label named PIG PINK, also known by the nickname ‘Buta House.’ The label started in July as part of Imperial Records, the J-pop branch of Teichiku Records.

Last fall, BEGIN started working on their music in a pink-walled house on Okinawa. Their label’s name is based on the building’s color, and is also a reference to ‘Music from Big Pink,’ the debut album of Canadian-American rock group The Band.

BEGIN plans to collaborate with and produce other artists from Okinawa. The label’s first two projects are BEGIN’s new single, “Koko Kara Mirai e,” and a compilation album titled “Okinawa no Home Song 1.”

[Link: BEGIN founds Okinawa music label – Tokyograph.]

I think this is super good news for fans of Okinawan music. While there are several indie labels in Okinawa, with the backing of a large record label (Teichiku) and their own popularity, PIG PINK will further spread the music coming out of Okinawa to the rest of the world. With their aim being to create music that can be appreciated by the old and the young, how can they go wrong? Let’s hope this becomes a successful project of theirs!

Both the single for “Koko kara Mirai e” (TECI-121) and the album “Okinawa no Home Song 1” (TECI-1159) are currently available for sale.

3 thoughts on “BEGIN Starts Up Their Own Record Label: PIG PINK”

  1. Hi, I will be in Japan during the second half of September, i was just wanting to know if Begin will have eny concerts or performances during that time and where they would be.

    Thanking you


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